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Richmond VA

Web Hosting

Your business needs a company that can handle all of your needs. You get a reliable and customer service driven experience when we help host your online presence!

Web Hosting Benefits You Get With Insurrection Digital

24hr Monitoring

Your online presence is always being watched. You get software solutions as well as human monitoring!


We provide top notch security to stop things like DNS hijacking, data breeches, and more..

Fast Website Hosting

We can handle your website no matter its needs. Weather you serve retail customers, online orders, services, or anything else.

Concierge Service

We handle it all, domain renewals, Errors, Privacy, and more. Free up your time to do things that make your business grow!

Look No Further…

Get All Your Web Hosting and Marketing Needs With Us


Web Presence and Marketing Strategies with actionable planning, mapping out every step of helping you grow.


We help you implement your plans and strategies by building your webspace and more!


We then secure, monitor, and host all of your online presence so that it’s all in one place with one cost.

We Make All Of This Easy

The ins and outs of your online presence can be overwhelming.
We want you to focus on your business so we help you navigate the internet with ease!

Insurrection Digital

Web Hosting Questions
and Answers

web hosting and email Richmond va

What is Web Hosting?

When you want to have a website, you need to find a place to store all of the website’s files. This is called web hosting. You pay a monthly fee to the hosting service provider, and in return, you get to operate your own little space on their server.

We aren’t a web hosting company so we only offer space and hosting services to our clients, this allows us to run faster, cleaner, and more reliable hosting for everyone. We can also cut out the crazy fees and support chats associated with hosting and replace them with reasonable costs and 24/7 human support!

How Much Does Insurrection Digital Web Hosting Cost?

We only offer hosting services to clients so our cost is much more reasonable than most.  When we create a customized plan for you business it includes everything that you need from start to finish.  We customize your hosting package based on what you need only. Since we’re building, maintaining, and or securing your online properties, we know what you need and how best to allocate it.

This makes it so much easier because if you’re doing a monthly payment with us for web design, SEO, advertising, or any other service the web hosting is just included. One Payment covers everything, and you’ll get an itemized breakdown of what you’re paying for. So, there is no creative pricing, marketing or any other deceptive practice at play – and you can see that!

Our goal is to make everything about connecting you to the online world as easy and transparent as possible!

How Much Does Hosting Cost?

The web hosting industry is incredibly competitive. With over 25K hosting providers it can be very overwhelming. Providers often offer low prices to grab your attention, while others add more features and benefits to their plans. Its a mess trying to figure out what to chose!

Some companies try to trick people into buying their products by not telling them the full price. This can be frustrating if you buy something, only to find out later that it costs more than you thought it would.

Average Hosting Fees sit around $5-10 +per month for basic hosting, while more advanced hosting can be around $20-54 +. The most advanced packages will be $80-290 + per month. Many companies will over you hosting at $2 per month then the prices balloon to the regular pricing after the initial period.

Hidden fees like Domain Registration, Renewal, Privacy, and more are added to these prices making the advertised pricing almost double what it really is. Before you pick a web hosting plan based on price, make sure you have a solid understanding of the pricing structure

Why Add Web Hosting?

Figuring out Web Hosting to Run your own website or blog is complicated. With so many different options and features, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your needs. However, by choosing Insurrection Digital we can create the perfect web hosting solution for your website, blog, or business and take any of the guesswork out of it. We will save you time, save you money, and reduce your overhead!