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You’re done wasting time!

Web Design & Management Instant Pricing

Craft on-the-spot estimates for your web design venture here – and find pricing for website maintenance at the base of the page!

30 second instant estimates

Everything Is Included In The Price

The instant estimates here are all inclusive!


Competitor Research, Search Keywords, Search Trends, Site Goals, and more. 


Site Color palette, All The Graphic Design, Site Images, and Anything Needed For The Site Design.

Server Setup

Server Setup, Optimization, Software Installation, Site Security, and Hosting If You Need It!


We Write Your Page Copy & Create The Content Needed To Design Each Page Of Your Website.


We Optimize Your Site For Speed, SEO, Functionality, & User Experience. You Get A Complete Product.

How Do You Use SiteCalc For Instant Estimates?

It couldn’t be simpler! All you have to do is choose the features you desire for your site, and the calculator will work out the points, giving you a estimate to design or revamp your site. 

If you’re happy with the price, you can lock it in by sending us your contact details, and we’ll be in touch to get your project going. You can also send the estimate to yourself or someone else and print it.

That’s it!

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Hidden Costs?

Nothing hidden here! The price you see is the price you get but, we can’t anticipate every detail. If you want specific or custom features on your website, we can add them – it’s up to you! Our estimates are transparent and comprehensive – no sneaky add-ons!

Get Your Estimate Here!
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Want to Discuss Your Price Or Just Get A Consultation?

Are you looking to get a consultation on your web design project, or are you in need of a free one hour strategy session for your business? Look no further! We’re here to assist you and make sure you get the perfect price for your project, business, and budget!

*SiteCalc provides estimates only. Your estimate does not constitute a binding agreement.

Website Management and Updates

20 – 50% off when combining with other monthly services

Miro Sites


per month

Small Blogs

Personal Websites

Hobby Websites

And Similar Sites

Low Traffic, Low Function

Small Sites

$197 – 597

per month

Small Business Sites

Restaurant Sites

Lawyer Sites

Average Traffic Sites

Low – Average Function


Medium Sites

$497 – 2,497

per month

Med. Entertainment

Magazines or News

Medium Ecommerce

Medium Traffic Sites

Average – High Function

Large Sites

$997- 3,997

per month

Popular Business Sites

Institutional Sites

Education Sites

High Traffic Sites

High Function Sites

Enterprise Sites

$1,997 – 3,997

per month

Enterprise Sites

Large Corporations

Online Retailers

And Similar Sites

High Function Sites

When it comes to website management pricing, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. We can give you an idea of the average cost for most site types, but if you’d like a more precise price, contact us for a consultation or take advantage of our FREE one hour strategy session to get a price that is comfortable for your business!