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SMO Pricing

Social Media Optimization doesn’t have to be hard, and the price shouldn’t intimidate you either!

Definition: The process of using social media networks to increase brand visibility, website traffic, and generate leads.

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Do you know what you’re paying for?!

Social media optimization (SMO) optimizes content to be shared across social networks in order to increase visibility and engagement. However, social media management (SMM) is the process of managing interactions with customers and potential customers on social media.

So basically, SMO is more focused on driving traffic and sales, while SMM is more focused on customer service and relationship building.

Where Customers Are And How To Get Them

We added SMO to Insurrection Digital because we’re a company focused on growing your bottom line. So, we want to do everything we can to get your business customers, leads, and revenue. We use social media optimization to find your ideal customers and get them to your business to spend their money with you, and not your competitor. Check out our SMO Pricing below because you’ll be surprised and you’ll see the results!

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You Shouldn’t Pay For SMO
Without Knowing What You’re Paying For!

Here Is The Method That Is Helping Businesses Just Like Yours!

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the secret sauce that helps you build your brand and boost sales. With SMO, you create a powerful online presence that attracts and connects directly with your audience. You’ll have optimized social media profiles, captivating content, and the ability to communicate with customers in real-time. This builds trust, credibility, and brings in new customers through word-of-mouth. Showcase your awesome offerings, engage with customers, and achieve remarkable sales and business growth!

Your price includes everything!


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There is a discount when combining with any other monthly services. Contact us to create a custom solution for you when using multiple services.

Is this not the perfect price for your project?

If the listed price doesn’t quite hit the mark or you need a customized estimate, we’ve got you covered!

Take advantage of our complimentary hour strategy session. It’s all about you and making sure you’re 100% satisfied.

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