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THE CHALLENGE Low Traffic and Low Sales

Seven Gables Farm and Apiary is a Nigerian Dwarf Goat farm located in Hardy Va. They offer an array of services aimed at owners, potential owners, and people who enjoy Nigerian Dwarf Goats. They breed goats and sell the kids as well as other products derived from the goats, like milk.  They also produce local honey and natural products. Currently they are one of the biggest goat providers in central Virginia, read on and learn how they did it!

Seven Gables Farm and Apiary opened their business and like most small business owners built their own website. Reading and learning about how the internet and search engines worked, they did their best to make their website helpful, visually appealing, and optimized. They experienced reasonable success however, they were not enjoying the same search rank and traffic as their local competition. They decided that investing in SEO and their web presence was the best decision. So, they chose to partner with Insurrection Digital!


The site was ranking at an average of 50 for the keywords that they were looking for. In addition, the keywords they had targeted were very general for their business and not specialized for converting visitors.

THE SOLUTION Increase Sales by Investing in SEO

We had to adjust the site to adhere to SEO and Search Console guidelines. The first task entailed removing meta tags that were littered with unnecessary and unhelpful keywords. We also used canonical URLs, removed duplicate content, and added applicable structured data. The idea was to make changes so Google Search would better understand it.

Working with Seven Gables, we dove into content marketing and creation. Re-writing the page content to match our newly selected keywords. The keywords were chosen to reflect buyer intent and information seekers with conversion in mind. We also added a blog and developed targeted content and created backlinks. This began to show them as an authority in their niche.

Adding a new ordering page and functional sales forms gave customers an easy time making reservations and purchases. Resubmitting and removing pages from Google’s index while continuing to add content targeting our audience, and competition, the site began to function amazingly.

Do You Want These Too? RESULTS

Together Seven Gables and Insurrection Digital created an amazing SEO campaign.  

  • Over 3,000 new visitors over a 90 day period.
  • Our Bounce Rate dropped to below 50%
  • We now receive over 40% of our traffic from Organic Search
  • Leveraging Social Media gets us an additional 150 visitors a month
  • Optimizing Google Business Profile got a 180% increase in calls
  • We collected over 200 backlinks

Investing in SEO got Seven Gables to Rank Number 1!

Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 8.03.29 PM


Investing in SEO = Increase Sales


Seven Gables Farm and Apiary Follow Up:

The owners report over 108% increase in sales from before the SEO campaign. Season over season they remain booked to capacity, and continue to grow. The site remains at number one for their targeted keywords and their competition has yet to overtake them.