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THE CHALLENGE Out Dated Web Site with No New Leads

Wedding Photography RVA is a Richmond Virginia custom wedding photographer. They offer some of the most beautiful and complete wedding packages around, and they do it at the most affordable price you’ve ever seen.  However, they had endured many setbacks in the industry over the years and were beginning to feel stale. So they decided to let us work with them to help!

Wedding Photography RVA had consulted a web designer when they launched their website in 2010. Minor updates had been done to the site but nothing to modernize it. Their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was almost nonexistent, their copy was bland, and their website lacked any level of action for the customer. This left visitors on their own with no clear sales path to follow.



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The site was ranking at an average of 52.6 for random photography keywords. Google didn’t know if they were a photographer, selling cameras, or a portrait studio.

THE SOLUTION Generate Leads and Clients with a Web Designer

Working with the client we began a complete rebuild of their website. Using design elements to show off their work while creating a selling atmosphere. Utilizing content marketing along with engaging copywriting we were able to create a site that worked. Helping customers find the information they need while moving them to action.

Insurrection Digital’s web designer implemented a new booking system on the website. This allowed their customers to easily book a date, a consultation, and more. By expanding the functionality of the website we increased the time on site of each visitor, upping the chance that they engage!

We also created a marketing funnel with a giveaway item for potential clients to download. We ran pay per click (ppc) marketing campaigns driving traffic to the funnel. This gave them a portal to capture leads, warm leads. Then, we implemented an email marketing campaign that was targeted at converting those leads into clients – and it did!


Do You Want More Clients? RESULTS

Together Wedding Photography RVA and Insurrection Digital’s web designer created an awesome site!

  • Visitors are up over 2000%.
  • Click Through is up over 410x
  • We have generated over 400 new leads at the time of this study
  • Client acquisition is up 250% at the time of this study
  • Sales are up over 68% over the previous 5 years
  • We are projected to help them hit double revenue by next year
  • Google Rank is up over 60%

Our Richmond Va Web Designer got Wedding Photography RVA’s business revitalized!



Investing in a Web Designer = Increased Business


Wedding Photography RVA Followup:

The owners report over 103% increase in sales from before the redesign. Their business has hit an all time high in their over a decade of business. The site continues to perform and the campaigns continue to produce leads. They convert leads to clients at a rate of 2.8%. This equates to around double the amount of weddings they were previously booking.