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Aggressively Change Your Business

Branding Your Business

Your presence both online & offline is an important part of how your customers interact with you. We help you build your brand to project confidence & authority to your customers. This will build trust making you THE choice in your business.

Your company needs a compelling Brand

Your business is stuck in a rut. You’re struggling to attract new customers and keep the ones you have. You’re not reaching your full potential and your business could be so much more. Branding will change the way the world sees your business. Our Brand experts work with you to create a compelling and engaging presence for your company. We use your brand to build trust so that customers are comfortable choosing your company to spend their money with. Whether it’s a a new brand or you’re rebranding an existing company, reaching your target audience with authority and confidence will revitalize your bottom line! 

Brand Voice Richmond Va Branding


The personality and emotion you infuse into your company’s communications is your brand voice. Your voice is your brand’s consistent personality that your customers know and love. It helps humanize your brand, showcase your values, and distinguish yourself from competitors.
brand identity brand management rva


The way your company presents itself to consumers – through color schemes, logos, and font choices – is known as brand identity. This also extends to how you present yourself on social media and through your website. This includes everything from the company’s logo and tagline to its packaging and physical appearance.
brand identity insurrection digital branding


Your brand promise is all about how you articulate the unique value that your business provides customers. It’s like a contract between a company and its customers and sets expectations and holds the company accountable to meeting them. The more aligned a company’s actions are with its brand promise, the more trust and loyalty it will cultivate.
brand values brand management Richmond va


The values that guide and inform your company’s beliefs and actions are its brand values. By making your values clear and linking your brand to something larger and more significant than yourself, you give your customers a sense that your brand is relatable and authentic – something that goes well beyond your products and services.
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Brand targeting means finding the right part of the market to reach your company’s goals. Identifying your target market uses the characteristics of your target customer including age, geographic location, and income level. We also consider their reasons for how they spending their money.
brand positioning brand management


Brand positioning is all about creating a unique identity for your brand in the eyes of consumers. It involves differentiating your brand from the competition and crafting a marketing strategy that resonates with your target market. By solidifying your marketing mix and developing a strong brand voice, you can ensure that your brand stands out in a crowded marketplace.

Companies We’ve Collaborated With To Create Great Brands

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Richmond Va has great

Brand Management

Maintaining, improving, and promoting a brand can be a chore because most people don’t understand it. We manage your brand with you so we can improve your reputation, build customer loyalty, and increase your sales. Make your customers feel good about their purchase and leave them with a positive impression of your company, every time!

Insurrection Digital helps your company in the process of creating a strong, positive perception of your company, your products or services in your customer’s minds. We combining elements such as your logo, company design, mission statement, and a consistent theme throughout all of your marketing communications. Effective branding helps your company differentiate itself from your competitors and build a loyal customer base!

This means that your customers will expect that your tone of voice is the same over email, your website, customer service, and every other place in your business. We will build a unique brand that will have a huge impact on your bottom line. Working with us will give you a competitive advantage over your rivals, and help you acquire and retain customers at a much lower cost!

Brand Management for Businesses of Any Size

We have the most cost effective branding plans, this helps your business grow, and keeps your bottom line healthy.

small business branding Richmond va


Branding for small businesses of any size. Whether you sell products or provide a services we can work with you to create an awesome brand for your business.
medium company brand management insurrection digital


If you have a medium size company we’re perfect for you. Affordable, effective, and powerful, we can work with you to brand or rebrand your image into something your customers will trust!
large company branding in Richmond va


Large companies need compelling branding and we’re here to help. Fortune 100, 200, or larger? Your brand is your reputation, lets make sure it’s awesome!
frequently asked questions about Seo


Simply put, branding is the process where your business makes itself known to the public and sets itself apart from your competitors. Branding typically includes a phrase, design or idea that makes it easily identifiable to the public. The concept of Branding can be confusing, it is a complex process that requires careful planning and calculated approach. When you think about branding you associate it with authority, trust, confidence, basically saying that I’m going to give you my money and I feel great about it.  Great branding is a hard thing to accomplish and usually requires experts to help.

That’s why we make it so easy and affordable for any size business!


Building a brand and using all of the concepts involved in the task can position your company in a great spot to grow and scale.  Brand Management services track and plan for your brand’s success, this helps you do things like:

  • Understand your customers
  • Define your brand persona
  • Crystalize your brand’s promise
  • Perfect your company’s visual assets
  • Refine your customer experience

The last one is particularly important because it sums up everything branding tries to do. All the concepts and efforts are directed at giving any potential customer a basis of what to expect from your products and services. They also hold the company responsible to their values ensuring that each customer gets a consistent and amazing experience. This is key to your company outlasting your competition.


As we said before, 73% of customer purchase from companies who have great branding established.  Branding is also important because it establishes your company within your industry. It conveys your company’s purpose to your customers and potential customers. Managed branding increases awareness of your company and its offerings to the public and your customers. This last one is something no one things about, but good branding reminds your past customers about you. An amazingly branded company has an almost 60% higher chance of retaining past customers. Something any company needs!


This questions is usually determined by your business, it’s size, and stage of operation. Price brackets for this type of thing are wide, so a consultation or a strategy session is usually needed. According to the national averages:

Small Business or Entry Level branding can range any where from $1200 – $5000. What this includes is up to your individual needs. Ongoing support and management can range from $500 – 1500 per month.

Established Companies to Medium Sized Companies can land in the range of $5000 and up to as high as $20,000. Ongoing management costs can be anywhere from $2000 to $10,000 per month. This is also determined by the goals and needs of your brand.

Large and Scaling Companies are the highest price bracket because of the work that goes into branding, rebranding, or managing a company of this size. Branding services fall into a range of $20,000 and up.  Ongoing management can be $10,000 per month or more.  

**These price ranges can also be lower as the needs of your brand might be less, or you might just need consulting services. There is a huge array of factors that can affect pricing a branding plan for your company.

The best route to take is to get a free consultation or strategy session, we do have plans and services for almost any budget and any company.  Schedule one below!



Branding or Brand Management Strategy Session

Find out how your business is doing and what you can do to boost it on your own, we can also give you accurate pricing for branding, rebranding, or managing your brand. 😃