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Do You Want A La Carte Services?

I’ve added a la carte services so you can have the flexibility to tailor your needs. We can give you an extra marketing boost each month or just perform a one-time service, we’re gonna provide our services you on your own time!

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How To Turn Content Into Customers

Let us craft captivating content for your websites, blogs, social media, and other digital platforms. Our talented content writers will compose pieces that are both informative and engaging, so that your customers are drawn to your services and products.

We’re here to use content writing to help you boost your online presence, attract new customers, interact with the ones you already have, and become a real authority in your industry!

How To Get Sales Copy That Works!

As Copywriter, we are passionate about crafting persuasive and compelling words that can be used to promote your products, services, or business. By creating content that resonates with your target audience, we are able to drive more leads and get you more conversions!

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Pricing Tiers Explained

The cost of each tier varies according to factors such as the experience of the copywriter, design requirements, integrations, and the impact of the work. Bigger enterprises demand more when it comes to sales, copywriting and design, and we endeavor to incorporate this into our pricing structure so that everyone can access competitive rates for the level of service they require!

Tier 1 Pricing $37+

Lower Traffic, Small Business, etc.

$207 / 1000 words
$37 / Social Post
$367 – 487 / Landing Page
Good for:
Small Businesses
Small E-commerce, etc..
Get My Business Going!
Tier 2 Pricing $67+

Medium Traffic, Medium Business, etc..

$397 / 1000 words
$67 / Social Post
$547 – 727 / Landing Page
Good for:
Medium Businesses
Large Ecommerce
Entertainment, etc..
My Business Needs This!
Tier 3 Pricing $97+

Higher Traffic, Large Companies, etc..

$597 / 1000 words
$97 / Social Post
$787 – 967 / Landing Page
Good for:
Large Businesses
Online Retail
Institutions, etc..
Get Me Started!

Want to discuss?

Questions about the price, why not take advantage of our complimentary hour strategy session?

I’ll personally answer any questions you may have, and even provide a more custom estimate – all to ensure that you’re getting a price you can afford!